We are taking advantage of the lack of transparency between the completion/closure of the Kyoto Protocol and the adoption/start of the Paris Agreement. Sustainable development goals are paramount. This is what we can manage and deliver in order to secure the Carbon Credits on new project developments.

Q.  What is Carbon Chain

A. CarbonChain is a high throughput blockchain that aims to support countries and companies alike to achieve carbon reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement through, the creation and trade of carbon credits that have been generated from mitigation activities such as renewable energy projects.

Q. What crypto currencies can CarbonChain Coins be purchased through?

A. Only BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Etherium) and FIAT can be used to purchase CarbonChain Tokens

Q.  Why can CarbonChain realize the high carbon credit volumes?

A. Carbon Chain International have 3 different contractual agreements – one is a simple ERPA – Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement – buying credits from a registered VCS or CDM project. The second is to fund the generation of credits from a registered project activity – this will involve such things as the implementation of monitoring parameters and, lastly a ‘green field’ contract to register the renewable energy project and demonstrate host country sustainability goals in order to generate carbon credits which we would own rather than buy.

Q.  There are several ‘carbon – climate’ related ongoing projects in the crypto space. What makes Carbon Chain different?

 A. Most other ‘carbon or climate’ coins/tokens that are currently out there – relate mainly to ‘self-gratification’ – in so much as they only have a ‘feel good factor’. Ours, has both a ‘feel good factor’ – by assisting to combat climate change but, also have a benefit to the token holder through a “project token swop” via the trade of carbon credits to companies using them to reduce their carbon tax liabilities as well as strive to achieve the targets set under the Paris Agreement.

Q.  How has CarbonChain secured on going carbon credit generation?

 A. With the knowledge base that we have within the company – we have access to a better understanding of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. As such, the company can seek to take advantage of the ‘lack of transparency and understanding’ surrounding the relation between the closure of the Kyoto Protocol and adoption of the Paris Agreement.

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