Carbon Chain’s mission is to create a platform using blockchain technology that allows any citizen in the world to participate in changing the unprecedented crisis that is climate change. We intend making it possible for anyone in the world to participate through the CarbonChain Token (CCT).

Countries all over the world are introducing a Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade system and this is an ideal mechanism to secure a tax and carbon offset, whilst ‘proving’ to the world how Countries are achieving their National Determined Contributions as agreed to under the Paris Agreement.


CarbonChain aims to find solutions to the climate change issues through:

  1. Transparency
  2. Innovation
  3. Sustainability

Integrity in this process will follow. As a company, Carbon Chain is confident that blockchain technology and CCT (Carbon Chain Token) will enable a social, environmental, sustainable, and meaningful difference to the impact of climate change with a particular focus on women and youth upliftment.  And finally, proving there is no ‘double accounting’.

Most crypto currencies today do not offer a real world solution or value for the modern world. This project, however, is different. In an attempt to support the efforts towards a more sustainable world, with reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, we developed Carbon Chain™.

Carbon Chain aims to develop a block chain ledger system which will allow countries to prove to the rest of the world how they, as a signatory to the Paris Agreement are actually achieving their National Determined Contributions. Carbon Chain has created an incentivizing global carbon emission reduction program through acquiring Carbon Credits directly from registered projects by investing into the registration and issuance costs of the mitigation project thereby creating carbon credits rather than buying them which, will allow them to create a sustainable business in which to operate.

Carbon Chain will have the option of selling these Carbon Credits at a discounted rate by using its blockchain-powered e-wallet and the CCT (Carbon Chain Token). The project is set to help countries, corporations and individuals alike who want to offset their GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and reduce their tax liability.  This will also allow token holders to take part in the trade of tokens for carbon credits.   The tokens will be trading on the CCX (Carbon Chain Exchange) to Carbon credit clients seeking to take advantage of the discount offered on the carbon credit purchase offered by Carbon Chain.

To revolutionize the Carbon Industry, CarbonChain will contribute 30% of its funds to purchase Carbon Credits, from existing United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and further, will register new mitigation projects which will result in the company owning a large pool of Carbon Credits.

Carbon Credit buyers will be able to purchase these Carbon Credits utilizing the CCX for up to a 20% discount compared to the market price.

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